materials, architecture, & design explored

made is a design and consulting co-operative. We are Architects, Artists, and Designers from many different disciplines, different communities, and different countries. We collaborate to create designs simple in idea, nature, and function; following an ideal based on rational and efficient methods of construction. When we are confronted by a new idea or a process unfamiliar to us, we seek out the help and guidance of our friends and colleagues, so that we can expand on our work through our professional network.

As builders and creators as heart, we strive to design things that we can make ourselves. Although by no means purists, everything you will find here has been designed and created by us as a group. There are many other projects which each of us have designed that you won't find here, as we are not always so fortunate to be able to work with our hands. But we pride ourselves with what we do create: that which is useful and usable, simple and attractive.